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Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s World

Whether in whole-class, individualized, small-group or peer-to-peer learning scenarios, the goal of the 21st century learning environment is to bring together data, resources, tools and expertise to positively impact teaching and learning.

Promethean Interactive Whiteboard

Enliven teaching and learning with Promethean’s range of interactive whiteboard systems. Designed to focus attention and provide a platform to boost the interactivity of your lessons, ActivBoard interactive whiteboards and Promethean's teaching software provide the essential building blocks for any digitally connected classroom. Because each classroom is unique, Promethean ActivBoard Systems are available in a wide variety of configurations, enabling you to tailor the right solution to accommodate your needs.

With Promethean’s Interactive Whiteboard Systems:

  • Create an engaging and interactive learning experience with the ability to focus attention and keep curious minds interested in your lesson content.
  • Choose from ActivPen, intuitive touch, or a combination of both types of interactivity for the best of both worlds.
  • Create dynamic lessons with award-winning ActivInspire software, inject interactivity into Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations with Promethean ActivOffice or use any program that runs on your PC or Mac on the ActivBoard for a rich and varied learning experience.
  • Foster collaboration as up to four students work together simultaneously on a joint task.
Promethean ActivTable

The ActivTable empowers and motivates students to lead their own learning, driving engagement, consensus decision making and classroom collaboration. This multi-user interactive table allows up to six learners to simultaneously use individual tools, web browsers and resources as their personal efforts move the group toward accomplishing a common goal. All ActivTable activities are aligned to US and UK national standards, and many can be modified by teachers to suit their learning objectives.

Not only is the ActivTable a uniquely powerful tool for learning through small-group collaboration, but it is also a vehicle for building essential 21st century skills such as communication, creativity and critical thinking.

Promethean Assessment and Student Response
Promethean offers a range of accessories to help you monitor and assess your student activity.

Today, we acknowledge that the key to an effective and engaging learning environment is that each student has a voice. Promethean’s suite of assessment and student response systems help educators ensure that each student’s voice is heard, mind is engaged and needs are met.

Whether delivered with an ActivEngage2 for tablets, other mobile devices and/or student computers or with hand-held ActivExpression or ActiVote devices, Promethean assessment and student response systems offer educators a simple and effective way to hear from every student, every day.

SMART products are innovative, easy to use and proven to enhance learning for students.

They are also designed to be integrated, modular and evolving. This means the SMART products you choose today work together, can be easily adapted to your classroom needs and will continue to work for you as your technology requirements change in the future. Ease of use ensures everyone can quickly start using SMART products and experiencing the benefits they bring to teaching and learning in any environment.
SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards
Join millions of students and teachers around the world who use the SMART Board interactive whiteboard to help improve learning outcomes. Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard lets you deliver dynamic lessons, write notes in digital ink and save your work – all with the simple touch of a finger.
The SMART Table is a social, inclusive and captivating collaboration tool that makes it easy to get young students excited about learning. It’s a great way to enhance the social and academic skills of active learners and help all students achieve success. The SMART Table engages preK–3 learners, including students with special needs, in active discussions, problem-solving and small group collaboration activities. The durable design makes it ideal for active classrooms, and the stable pedestal-base enables wheelchair access. Access ready-made content for preK – 3 from the SMART Exchange website. You can also create new activities using the SMART Table Toolkit or import SMART Notebook files.
SMART Assessment and Student Response
The SMART Response interactive response system is available in five unique models to suit a variety of needs, such as 1:1, K–12, early education, special needs and advanced math and science. Each model enables teachers to instantly assess learning through formative and summative assessments – increasing student participation and improving learning outcomes. The systems also integrate with industry-leading online assessment and content platforms.

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