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The Internet is a necessity for every organization today, but protecting your network from security hazards is just as important.  Partnering with industry leaders such as Lightspeed Systems and Barracuda, Synergetics can help you protect your network from SPAM, spyware, malware, and viruses.  Plus, we offer solutions for web content filtering and e-mail archiving.  We will work with you to find the solutions that best fit your needs and assist you through installation, training, and maintenance. 

SCHOOL SECURITY SOLUTIONS  (download Synergetics Security Solutions Information Sheet pdf)
With over 26 years of technology experience in K-12 Education, Synergetics has partnered with the top 
security solutions innovators to provide secure, connected, smarter school security that can work with your current infrastructure.  
Our security solutions integrate with your current infrastructure and a broad range of complementary 
systems or third-party applications, are scalable, and are easy to manage. 
We offer webinars, onsite demos and consultations so you can evaluate these solutions.

Real Time Location/Emergency Notification Fob: Help Alert by RFT
The threat of violence, bullying and injury is a persistent issue in education.  
Protect your students and staff with HELP ALERT.  HELP ALERT uses a real-time locating system (RTLS) to locate staff in need of assistance.  By pressing a button on a small pendent, or panic alarm, HELP ALERT immediately and discreetly reports the pendant’s location to your security team.

Mass Notification Software:  Syn-Apps Revolution
Fast, flexible & reliable communication is critical for your organizations’ safety. 
Revolution’s rapid activation and proven scalability ensures notifications are delivered within a matter of seconds and without delay to mobile devices, digital signs, VoIP phone systems, classroom speakers, bell systems and more.  Revolution consolidates disparate systems into a unified notification platform- making it easier to manage Emergency Alerts, Mass Notification and Routine Communication across the entire organization.  

Access Control:  Keep by Feenics
The industry's most secure and agile cloud managed access control that allows you to manage, monitor and maintain who has access to enter control points like doors, parking gates, elevators, restricted areas, etc., from anywhere there is an internet connection.  Access is granted electronically with the use of access cards, ID badges, fobs, smartphone/mobile devices, buttons, and other access credentials.  Keep by Feenics is built using open architecture hardware for limitless interoperability for additions and upgrades.  Feenics also integrates easily with OpenEye surveillance systems and mass notification software allowing you to have more control over visitor access and emergency notifications.

Cloud Managed Video Surveillance:  OpenEye
Easily manage your surveillance systems, view live and historical video on your mobile device, quickly search video and instantly share to administrators, law enforcement, or staff.  The OpenEye OWS allows you to instantly apply permission changes for users and monitor the health of your surveillance system with notifications of any critical issues and potential problems like camera failure.

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